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Alexa Stark

In 2011 Alexa Stark opened a retail and event space a few blocks from our shop in Portlands' Alberta Arts District. The space was created as a way for Alexa to showcase her own work as a fashion designer alongside the work of a well curated group of designers, artists and builders.

As Alexa explored the neighborhood she eventually wandered into The Make House where joyous conversations were had and old friends we're made quickly. Alexa eventually invited us down to her shop to have a look at the walls and see what inspiration might be stirred up. She gave us free range to design and build an installation however we wanted.

We worked with a series of photos from an old 70's National Geographic article to create a set of prints and a permanent installation. The installation was printed using 65 screens and over 200 sheets of paper. We spent the better part of a week assembling the image in her shop. You can view and purchase the accompanying prints in our Prints store.