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Tiny Metallic Guns and Arrows


Sheets: 27” x 34.25" untrimmed

Design Repeat: 34.25” half drop

6 sheet minimum

Papers are printed to order: 4 - 6 weeks or
7 - 10 business days if in stock

This Guns and Arrows print was inspired by an old shirt that a kid wore into the shop one day. I was on the porch having lunch when he walked up and I got really excited by the simplicity of the design. It was sort of like polk-a-dots with arrows instead of dots. I went inside right after lunch and started drawing. I’d already designed the Cowboys and Indians pattern so I added in the guns to play with that theme. It came together really quickly.

When I started making screens and printing samples I got the idea to do it in two scales. The smaller one feels like polk-a-dots and the larger is more graphic. I love the way that this illustration dances around some potentially serious subject matter but manages to stay fun. I feel like the two color ways offer different variations on that playfulness.

All of our wallpapers are hand printed on clay coated grounds. The ground is made in New Jersey and printed by skilled craftsmen in our Portland, Oregon studio.

Designs colors are customizable. Please contact us for more information.