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Lines Like Wood Magenta


Sheets: 27.5” x 41" untrimmed

6 Sheet Minimum

Papers are printed to order: 4 - 6 weeks or
7 - 10 business days if in stock

This design came to me as color first. I could see the teal print on black paper and I knew it was something inky. I sat down to doodle. I made some grids and some boxes using little dots and started drawing lines from one dot to the next. I got sketches into the computer and started working with the lines so that they would line up and repeat. When I started getting it to tile in the computer I could see all the movement and depth that was being created.

It took a couple tries to get the scale and weight of the lines right but eventually I did. I printed it teal on black first – the way I’d see it in my head. The magenta and cream came later. I love how vibrant and electric this pattern can be or how the colors can be toned down to make it more subtle and textural.

All of our wallpapers are hand printed on clay coated grounds. The ground is made in New Jersey and printed by skilled craftsmen in our Portland, Oregon studio.

Designs colors are customizable. Please contact us for more information.