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Fish and Dots


2 color screen print on paper

Series of 40

18" X 24"

In 1946 D.D. and her husband Leslie fled Mexico in front of a crooked judge and landed in Manhattan. What they built in their wake is one of the most unique and eloquent bodies of textile design to this day. Jackie Onassis, Greta Garbo, Gary Cooper and Harry Truman were customers to name a few.

Years later I found myself invited into the studio that took up the 3rd floor of the Tillet families upper east side home. The screens, and fabrics that I witnessed in that space changed my understanding of what screen printing can be. This pattern is inspired by those designs.

In 2012 we printed a stack of construction paper with this Fish and Dots pattern to collage our studio ceiling. When the installation was finished we had 40 printed sheets remaining. Those sheets are now available as individual prints.