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Boy and His Bow


3 color screen print on paper

Series of 16

19" X 25"

In 1971 National Geographic published an article about the Cinta Largas. The article described a small tribe of people living deep in the Amazonian rainforest mostly unaffected and unreached by the western worlds approach. The article documented the researches efforts, successes and failures in attempting to make contact and learn something about this elusive group who really did not want to be reached.

I've always been intrigued by what's left unknown in this world. That there are still people living deep inside forests or far out in a desert that have managed to keep themselves separate and untouched from an increasingly homogenized global world. The pictures and words of this story filled me with wonder and mystery.

I cut out a bunch of photos from this article and hung them on the walls in my studio for months to let them seep in. I started working out repeats to build behind them and spent another week or two pulling test prints and mixing colors.

The text that accompanies the Boy and His Bow in this print served as inspiration for the arrows in The Make House logo. The mastery that it requires to hit a matchbox with an arrow from 20 yards is something difficult to imagine a 10 year old boy possessing and yet this way of life and the required skill set are innate. We apply ourselves to what is essential and we become skilled at it - if we don't then we are out of balance.