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2 color screen print on paper

Series of 31

18" X 24"

I grew up on Bikes. Some of my earliest memories are of being strapped into a seat on my moms handlebars or learning to ride my own first two wheeler outside the thrift store where it was purchased. I doubt I'll ever forget the freedom of that first ride. I still ride regularly both as a means of transportation and for sheer pleasure and joy.

When I first heard about Artcrank I was totally sucked in. A poster art show all about bikes. Artcrank was bringing two of my loves smack dab together. I first got involved when Cat Cheng asked me to print her posters for the show. Later Artcrank asked me to design a poster of my own and I was more then happy to oblige.

This design was created for the Portland Artcrank show in 2012.